Transforming lives and exploring our inner peace


One Life 3P was founded by Megan & Howard Taylor in conjunction with the One Life Trust CIC.

As a vet, Howard has devoted his life to healing animals, whilst Megan is qualified in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience. Together they have devoted their time, effort, and money towards the development of the One Life 3P project, which continues to grow and serve those in need.

The refurbishment of what was the community barn and the development of Charlton House as a whole has been a testimony to the couple’s determination and commitment to offer much-needed care, support, and healing to so many who desperately need it.

The development of the property included turning the grounds into a peaceful and relaxing haven for people who want to come and experience an innate feeling of peace, wisdom, and wellness using holistic methods and alternative therapies. 

Along with a team of dedicated staff, facilitators, and professionals, they provide much needed help to people of all ages suffering with depression, anxiety or the strains of modern day living as well as providing guidance and motivation to business owners. 

The One Life 3P and One Life Trust CIC projects aims to cater for people of all ages, young or old, parents or carers and young children as well as the elderly. 

With a range of functions, workshops, events, activities and therapies, the One Life 3P project provides what some would describe as “a healing centre for conscientious folk seeking peace and harmony whilst exploring their inner self”


Seeing a psycho-spiritual approach as being more valuable in the long term and the way human beings work as part of the natural world is more useful than focusing on an individual’s struggle of isolated-self. It is a whole life shift that people require.

People need healthier ways of relating – a sense of community, a sense of connection to their more innocent childlike essence, away from the stresses of our modern technological world and the demands that it brings. I have seen change happen, profoundly, when people come together to look at what is true for all of us and when they are involved in something that is meaningful and purposeful.

When they are given chances to experience peaceful times of being of a quiet mind – where their whole-body mind and heart are engaged in something purposeful, such, as, dance, art, music, gardening, and animal care which is a more present state of being.

I have observed how breathwork, meditation, and embodiment practices can radically alter someone’s state of being and relieve them of long-term symptoms of trauma that leave the individual living in a constant state of flight or fight. Within the Charlton House environment, we want to create a space for people to share information through educational talks, where speakers can gather who hold specific knowledge in intrinsic natural mental, and physical health.

I have witnessed and observed firsthand from working in the NHS how people can easily end up being trapped in a revolving door, forever in and out of clinics and health centers, being prescribed drugs without ever being given an opportunity to deal with the root cause of their problems. Hiding mental health using medication is not necessarily the solution.

We can offer a series of inspiring, inviting, and welcoming safe spaces implementing activities that will provide essential and urgent support for people of all ages in a family home-from-home environment surrounded by animals and nature.

By providing insight-based learning to break patterns of trauma-informed thinking and conditioning, which are leading to difficulties in people’s relationships, education, work, and family dynamics.

We can take their point of focus away from their own internal thought dialogue and into a loving connection with other people and animals. We can provide them with experiences of what it’s like to feel present, peaceful, and connected. When they see that this is possible, they realize that their well-being is always available to them. Reaffirming the positive rather than focusing on the pathology disorder or disease.

I have also been invited to write a piece for a book on neurodivergence from my own personal experience, with my own children and from being a foster carer. I have realized so many adult and children’s mental health struggles arise because of misunderstanding a person’s individual neurodivergence and there is a considerable amount of people on the autistic spectrum, or with ADHD-type conditions that have arisen because of a lack of appropriate co-regulation (the way that we read the world through each other) in children.

Megan Taylor

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