Mental Health Coaching & Evaluation

For senior business executives and business owners seeking to improve their work/life balance and enjoy the pleasures of life.

With such limited treatment and support available for mental health issues, Megan Taylor at One Life 3P designed a program that caters for business executives offering support and assistance to deal with the stresses and strains of keeping a hectic business on track.

We are seeing an exponential rise in the number of patients experiencing mental health problems, especially since the pandemic. It is obvious that current lifestyles are under pressure, both financially and socially, behaviour amongst people is changing and at times this can be a real struggle. 

A Holistic Approach

  • No medicines
  • Easy program to follow
  • Triple 8 system

A simple to follow program that prevents additional strain or stress being placed upon you or your family. A proven system to improve wellness and wellbeing within a short period of time.

A holistic healing opportunity that works with your family, improving your enjoyment of life and improving your families enjoyment of spending more quality time with you. The whole family can be involved allowing everyone to be apart of the progress


Experience Change

By working closely with you we can implement a change in your lifestyle, increase your enjoyment of life and provide more time to heal and rest. 


Assess the mental and physical toll of working under pressure for extended periods of time and discover how to mitigate any potential future damage.

Make time

We don’t have the ability to turn back the clock. Many executives resent the fact they didn’t dedicate enough time for themselves or their family until it’s too late.


An invigorating new approach to managing a healthy work, life balance that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds without sacrificing time spent doing the very things you work for.


Hours a day for sleeping. A good nights sleep rests and restores our mind and body


Hours a day for working, which is more productive than longer hours


Hours a day for recreational and family