October 28, 2023

Life changing and transformational. Learn how to clear and rewrite your own & others Akashic Records When everything is aligned, we are infinitely powerful!

Super Early bird ends 30th September. Final exchange will be £199
The list is infinite what you can clear from all lifetimes which includes blocks, trauma, pain, programming, magic, spells, imprints, bindings, restrictions, soul contracts, ancestry, etc and so much more!
These sessions are very powerful and can change anyone’s life. This High-frequency re-calibration lightwork, works through all areas of your life, bringing you into 5th-dimensional heart alignment with your soul’s purpose. This will assist you on your journey to the empowerment of your soul and you clients souls.
You will learn how to transform your own and others’ lives. You will learn the importance of your Akashic records and how they influence every part of your life right back to the beginning of your soul’s journey.
How to connect with the Akashic Records and Empower yourself to live to your highest potential. You may even learn to trust your intuitive messages and allow your connection to progress and grow with time and practice.
You will receive a pack to take away to transform your life and other life’s. It will include how to connect, run a client meeting with all the wording and areas Akashic areas you can clear and re-write. Life’s can change in a moment. You will also receive a certificate on completion.
You will also experience a full deep Akashic record clearing and healing in the afternoon session so you know how incredibly powerful it can be.
Saira Francis will be joining this day to share an ‘Activate Your Awakening’ workshop during the afternoon.
Saira has been aware of Angelic Presences in her life since 1998, she will guide you through practical ways to open up your Spiritual Third Eye Chakra to begin connecting to your intuition, psychic ability, spirt guides and Light-beings. There will be a powerful Activation Meditation to ignite your inner Light and Saira will share ways to work with past life healing, subtle energy release and tuning in to hear messages from your Angels, whilst clearing the Akashic Records for yourself and others.



Akashic Record Clearing, Past & Alternative Life Passive Healing & Energy Healing


Name Adrian Lee


Charlton House, Warrens Lane SP5 4HQ