What if resilience is built-in, innate to every human being?

Knowing this would completely change the approach needed for today’s youth – and this is exactly what iheart has achieved. Our innovative, evidence-based mental wellbeing educational programme challenges current practices and outlooks and has already improved the lives of over 15,000 young people in twenty countries.

One Life 3P provides a range of options for one-to-one therapy, distance therapy, group therapy, and even therapy for those abroad.


The iheart Resilience Framework is an instruction manual that explains how our minds work and where the source of wellbeing lies.

13-18 Programme

In-depth support for students to navigate their very real day-to-day challenges, focusing on critical topics such as self-esteem, exam stress, anxiety, relationships and social media. 11 one-hour classroom sessions delivered by an accredited iheart Resilience Youth Coach or a trained, iheart-certified member of staff.

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iHeart for adults

iHeart caters for adults struggling with mental health issues also. Please get in touch so that we can support you

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