Breaking the stigma of men’s mental health

The main aim is to break the stigma of men’s mental health and start talking openly about it. It is the male figure who is often overlooked when it comes to mental health. Men are expected to maintain order, protection, and provide for their family but there are times when men struggle with such demands and often there is nowhere, or no one to turn to. Until now!

The men’s club allows men from all walks of life to congregate, talk openly, discuss their worries and concerns without judgement, without being biased and without criticism. Between us, we create a fun and relaxed environment to allow our minds to heal, to be at their best and give us the support and camaraderie that is all too often lacking in our lives.

Dealing with tough times

Bringing men together to discuss men’s issues face to face in a relaxed and fun environment. Letting go of our emotions and absorbing the moment by being within the company of others who are eager to share their stories, worries, stresses and anxieties of modern living. Together, we create a trusted bond of men without prejudice or judgement.

Support For Men

The project also aims to provide a selection of activities aimed specifically towards promoting wellness and mindfulness, the ability to reset the mind, think clearly and reevaluate your current situation, leaving you in a better place, knowing that whatever decisions you make, you have the guidance of a likeminded brotherhood of men to help and support you.



Get in touch if you wish to become part of the tribe and join a membership group of likeminded men