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One Life Trust CIC

A one stop solution to resolving your urgency to restore harmony & balance. Are you or a loved one struggling with depression, social anxieties, addictions, self-harm, lack of motivation, similar issues, and/or frustrated with the lack of mainstream support? 

Have you tried to get help but feel the system is failing you?

Apply today for a position on our personalised holistic back to wellbeing program that will restore balance and harmony using a non-prescribed solution.

With support from several experts in this field, we are able to deliver a program that successfully deals with the root causes of the issues using only proven natural solutions, with fun, happiness, and compassion.

Are you ready to receive the mental wellbeing support you really need?

Complete the form to show your interest in enrolling in our program launching soon in Salisbury Wiltshire, that is structured to provide positive solutions to modern day mental health issues in adults and children.

We assure you complete privacy. Your details will never be shared with anyone outside our organisation. 

One Life Family is a trading name of One Life 3P Ltd in association with One Life Trust CIC. Providing mental health solutions for adults & children in Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire.