You are welcome

We welcome you to join us at our next live event held within the magnificently refurbished grade 2 listed barn surrounded by landscaped gardens. Below you will find more information on the events we shall be holding here at Charlton House. All events are held in the heated and well lit barn along with refreshments, toilets and parking

Details of the barn

Holistic Healing

Join one of our holistic healing talks and learn to heal the natural way. An evening of mind-blowing information.

We have an exciting opportunity for your to be inspired and motivated by a selection of professionals who will provide information on holistic healing and natural remedies. Join the next event and remember to bring your notepad and pen, there will be loads of information to take away!

Live Podcast Events

We will be hosting several live podcast events throughout the year from famous names such as Dick & James Delignpole, Clive De Carle etc

Featuring the likes of Dick Delingpole and James Delingpole, renowned for their outspoken view on current affairs, along with Clive De Carle, better known for his extensive research into alternative healing.

Finances & Current Affairs

Get the rundown on how to improve your financial status with experts who can guide you towards a wealthier lifestyle. 

We have professionals who are willing to spend time with you to discuss finances, how you can improve your lifestyle as well as better inform you on financial matters.

Comedy Nights

Throughout the year we will be holding comedy evenings with special guests who will perform and entertain you. Therapy at it’s best!

Comedy nights are designed to boost your spirits, have a laugh, meet new friends and leave with a smile upon your face. A dose of comedy can do the world of good!

Regenerative Growing

Have you ever considered growing your own food in your garden or wish to convert to a more natural way of managing your crops?

Our resident permaculture experts, Chris and Vicky will be holding talks focusing on a wide range of self-sufficient topics for the average homeowner and smallholder.

Managing Stress

Founder, Megan Taylor will be hosting an evening of talks on how to manage stress and deal with anxiety and depression. 

Depression, anxiety and social pressures are becoming all too common in the modern world. Learn how to deal with these issues and change your perspective on life.